Boss is not always right!!!

 Boss is not always right!!!

Tej Pratap Narayan

There was a director who used to be very disciplined and honest .His only fault was that he wanted everyone under him to be like him .No body liked him because of this bad habits .He transfered many supervisory officials /section officers who were posted at a same station/section for longtime and had stagnated .The transfer was done against the wishes of union leader and they were just looking for the right time to teach him a lesson .

Very soon opportunity knocked at their door ,new Additional secretary level officer of the branch had joined there .

Union officials went to welcome new Add sec and narrated the whole incident projecting the branch officer as a villain .

Add sec officer telephoned his director and enquired about the facts .

The upright officer had politely put his point of view .

Additional secretary somehow felt that director is arguing with him and it has angered him .

He said, ‘look Mr ! you are working under me and u have to remain faithful to me ‘.

Hearing his boss,young officer said ,
‘ sir! Iam faithful to organization im working with not to an individual”

The statement infuriated his boss .young officer was threatened to face the consequences .

Bold young officer didn’t care .he replied boldily,
‘Sir ! you need to support me as iam trying to set right the system ‘

This further angered the boss .Boss immediately called up Secretary and twisted the whole story .

Next day young officer was transfered to a place which was considered a punishment posting and in no time he was relieved .