Tvarit Vimarsh

A boy, whose name was Aarav,He was fond of making different things with origami. One day he went to his Nani’s house with family, where his cousins’ were there. Aarav became leader of the group. One day his cousins’ went out for picnic. Aarav couldn’t go as he was down with fever.
Granny took him to park. When he noticed an unusual shinning stone on which Hulla Hulla Hupp A’ deen Dva tri was written.
When Aarav read those words stone turned into a magical goggle. The magical goggle started talking to Aarav and said “Hi, Aarav How are you?”
Aarav was amazed and asked, “How do you know my name?”
“I do know many things about you” said Magical Goggle jokingly.
Aavav couldn’t believe it. Aarav requested Magical Goggle to come with him ,which magical goggle agreed happily with a condition that Aarav will never reveal about him to any body. Aarav came back to granny’s house with Magical Goggle.
In the evening, Aarav made a fighter plane with origami paper. He wore Magical Goggles to feel it. To Aarav’s surprise, fighter plane came alive. He started jumping with joy. Aarav started enjoying his time with magical goggle. He will often shut the doors and spend hours together alone. Gradually, Aarav became isolated in the family .His granny became worried. Seeing his family members worried, Aarav decided to tell about the Magical Goggle to his family. He thought that his family members love him so much and it is not appropriate for him to hide anything from them. But he was in dilemma because if he reveals anybody about Magical Goggle will disappear. He was very sad and indecisive. After much thought, he decided not to keep anything hidden with family. He came into his room after telling about Magical Goggle to his family and was very sad. To his surprise, he saw that Magical Goggle is still available on the table.
He asked “You are still there Magical Goggle.”
“Yes, Aarav, I am impressed with your honesty. I will not go and will be your companion forever.”
Aarav was very happy.

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