( In Context of International Women’s day)

Manisha Singh ,

The author works as a Additional Superintendent of Police .

Since history, humans have always been known as social animals. To love someone or to be loved by someone is perhaps the best feeling that a human being can ever feel, cherish and enjoy. Right from their birth till their death, humans are encountered with different phases of bonds and relationships in their lives.

Being in a relationship, is the most powerful weapon as well as a shield to protect and guard ourselves. Relationship even has the power to prevent a war even if all diplomatic practices have failed. This power of relationship does not apply only in case of humans but also for all living beings.

In order to master the techniques of relationship, our mother nature is the best teacher and torchbearer. In places, where human interference is minimum, nature exhibits the most perfect and cordial relationships and bonds with all it’s components be it air, water, and the ecosystem. It is the Human, who skews the bonding that is existing in nature. Our body consists of millions of living cells and these cells maintain perfect and cordial relationships with all organs of the body. Cells of a body do not discriminate like we are the cells of brain so we are superior and you are the cells of anas, you consist of dirty things, so you are inferior. In their relationship no such feelings exist. If there would have been any feeling of superiority, ego, racism then our body will collapse in a fraction of a second. Whenever there are some internal imbalances in their relationships, our body becomes the perfect Engineer who is able detect the flaws and smoothen again and restore a perfect balance in all components of the body.

So as a human, we are supposed to be the most mindful creatures in the Earth. In our society, on one hand humans can not live alone they want different relationships like friendships, romantic relations, brotherhoods and what not… On the other hand, almost all relations that you might think of are full of biases, ego, superiority. Is it not a dichotomy??

Well, inspite of being the most brainy creatures, we have to learn a lot from our nature and from our surroundings and of course from our own body.

In this women’s day, if we talk about relationship between a man and a woman, it should be as pious a relationship as between body and soul. But due to decades of discrimination, patriarchal mindset, the divide between men and women and their roles in a relationship is yet so profound.
The pillars of any successful relationship is communication, trust, respect, equality and love. If any of the pillar is missing then the relationship does not become perfect.

Men and women may be biologically different but both are parts and parcels of the world and both are complementary to each other. It is scientifically proved that men and women are equally capable of doing anything. Today, women have left no milestones unturned. By treating others with respect and equality, one can not only gain respect for oneself but also creates a base for a long term mature relationship.

In order to make our life more beautiful, more delightful and more meaningful, every individual should put some effort to reduce the gap between gender equality so that every relationship between woman and man could be perfect.

So, let us pledge on this women’s day, to learn more from our nature and from our body and make our relationships more sustainable. Let us take a step towards gender equality today for sustainable tomorrow. Happy Women’s Day!!

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