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Ramesh Chandra is a rationalist ,humanist and free thinker.

From our experience we see that most of spiritual leaders pretend to pose themselves as a mystic(the person who has connection with other world). We should think on it deeply to find out the real motive and reason behind this.
Now we can see that these people always try to strengthen their ‘mystic’ image whenever they find occasions for it while enteracting with followers or delivering a discourse to the masses.
To strengthen their above mentioned ‘image’ and ‘aura’ they always pick up some selected mythological characters and related stories to explain their view points. They will pose in such a way while telling mythological stories, as these are real one and true history.
In such a way these people make their followers as ‘blind bleavers'(अंधभक्त).
In such a way by promoting blind faith and beliefs in masses, these people kill their scientific attitude and rational faculty, which is against the true and basic spirit of our constitution.
Our constitution says that it is the duty of each and every institution and citizen of our country to promote scientific temperament and attitude in every individual of the country.
Then it is a point of deep thinking that why in the name of Religious or educational & cultural freedom, we are allowing such type of people and their organisations to promote unscientific temperament, blind faith and blind beliefs in the masses (specially poor sections and lower middle class) of our country?
Why our top courts, parliament, central and state governments, top buerocracy and top Intellectuals are silent on this issue? Why they are allowing such type of highly unconstitutional activities of the above mentioned religious/spiritual people and their organisations? Many TV channels, print media and our Bollywood is also involve in this unconstitutional activity but nobody is pointing out and objecting them.
Being a responsible citizen,we should think deeply about it for the shake of our country.
And one more very interesting thing we see that when these religious/spiritual leaders gather momentum by increasing the number of their followers, the political people start hovering around them in the name of obtaining blessings of these people. And again by this foolis act of the polititions, such people attract more and more followers and thus gain more momentum like Baba Ram-Rahim and Asharam Bapu.
Now polititions use these religious/ spiritual people for their political purposes. Again and again these political people visit the Ashrams, Mathas(मठ) and holly places of these people in the name of recieving blessings to get more votes from the followers in the elections so that they can send more MPs and MLAs in the Parliament and state Assemblies. In such a way they capture power in center or states and their party forms government there.
Now we can understand the real relationship and nexus between the religious/spiritual leaders and top(intelligent) polititions.
Now as a wise person and responsible citizen of country, you yourself think and decide that who is Deshbhakt(देशभक्त) and who is Deshdrohi (देशद्रोही) and what is the position of common people,Bhaktas & Andha-Bhaktas in the eyes of these two types of people?


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