The Theory of Everything..The origin and fate of universe ..

Tej pratap Narayan

Reading Stephan Hawking’s series of lecture in a form of book is like going through a journey of evolution of various scientific theories about evolution of Universe ..

The book ,The theory of Everything ‘ is written for common people in a very lucid language for better understanding of beginning of universe , it’s future and fate ..Viz how big bang began it’s onward journey and development …..It also tries to explain concept of Black whole ,event horizon ,white dwarf ,neutron star .Fallacies of theory of relativity , Hot big bang theory ,super gravity ,formation of galaxies ,stars ,planets ..Etc.

The book very clearly states that there is no role of God in formation of universe ..It explains about the role played by physical laws in beginning of universe and it’s onward journey ..

This book may be very useful in developing scientific temper ,it may not develop understanding of theory of relativity ,quantum physics ,gravity , uncertainty principle etc. it has not dealt with any complex mathematical equation only reference has been given .It can be read by anybody from any background .

Reading theory of everything may be an amazing thing which can happen to any book lover .

.It concludes that it is yet not clear about the aim of universe ,however ,It expects that in next few decades some unified theory may be developed by the scientist to know the complete picture of universe

..It just not only talk about theories but also emphasize equally on the observations and evidences ..

In a country like india where religion rules the mind ,the book must be read with open mind will certainly give a food for many thoughts …

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