मैं उस घर में दिया जलाने निकला हूँ ,जहाँ सदियों से अँधेरा है

कौशल किशोर,सीनियर ब्यूरोक्रेट,भारत सरकार

प्रसिद्ध लेखक एवं स्तम्भकार

मैं उस घर में दिया जलाने निकला हूँ जहाँ सदियों से अँधेरा है !
This was his clarion call as Social justice Minister in the Govt headed by the Prime Minister VP SINGH , in the month of August 1990 when he spearheaded the implementation of Mandal reservation for OBCs in the Central Govt jobs as Minister incharge .

Ram Vilas Paswan ji , a popular leader whose presence is inextricably linked with the history of Parliamentary politics of Bihar for more than four decades was at one time rising political persona from the ranks of subaltern at the national level too . His presence in the different Union Cabinets since 1989 has been one of the few constants in the midst of otherwise ever changing politics at the centre . Paswan as a leader with sizeable following in his home state , which was not limited to Dalits , will be remembered for many initiatives , which included implementation of Mandal reservation for OBCs in Central Govt jobs and other pro people initiatives as Minsiter holding different portfolios in different Govts. Those who know him vouch for his accessibility and ever helpful attitude for general people and the same may prove to be his enduring legacy in public life which is otherwise rife with snobbery , elitism and inacessability . Rest in peace Ram Vilas ji

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